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  • Over 40 years of experience

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In the beginning, we have only an outline of what we want to do. What we don’t do is place a standard arrangement of appliances kitchen furniture inside this outline.

We ask the following questions: What are your plans, do you have a Kitchen concept or are we creating one together(from low budget up to star kitchens). Is there the possibility to rebuild if necessary? How does the delivery, preparation, production and serving of the food take place, along with the returning of the crockery, storage of empty bottles and waste? What needs to be considered in terms of ventilation, cooling, lighting, electric, water, drainage, gas and tiling?

We answer all of these questions for you, or with you. With this we develop the kitchen of your wishes. Taking into consideration important factors such as hygene, legal requirements, energy and the environment. Cost optimising in terms of buying, setting up and maintenance of the kitchen is also part of the deal.

As in all of our trade areas and because of our independence from suppliers, we can choose the right products at the right prices, to suit your needs.

A furnishing plan, base plan, ground layout and installation plan are produced for all trades(water, electric, cooling, gas, ventilation etc.) We also arrange talks between all the labourers, who arrange the installation, integration and handing over of the new kitchen.




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  • Independent consulting
  • Time-saving order processing by atlas
  • Over 40 years of experience

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