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  • Over 40 years of experience

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Ihre Einkaufs- Partner

Apart from the usual replacement or complementation of items of capital expenditure
and consumer goods, we also supply a complete range of furnishing objects for the
likes of:

  • New constructions and conversions      
  • Renovation      
  • Changes of use      
  • New establishments      

The above list applies to all of the following areas:

  • Kitchen
  • Sanitär
  • Inventory
  • Furnishing
  • Conception

In the beginning, we have only an outline of what we want to do. What we don’t do is place a standard arrangement of appliances kitchen furniture inside this outline.


Maybe you only require a washstand, showerhead or a towel holder or you need a shower area, water closet or a wash basin planning into your design. Atlas in cooperation with competent specialists offers you a high performance network of retail and services.

Small inventory

Last but not least, you need small inventory. What do I need? How is it supplied? What does it look like? Where can I find it?


For many years, hotels were so furnished to provide, longevity, ease of cleaning and inexpensive prices. The results were hotel rooms with wall mounted desk and night stands (main point: the cleaning lady is quick through…), with cheap velour carpets without any thought of walking comfort (main point: very robust…), with impregnated darkening curtains and pictures from an artists calendar in a glass paned frame! The bathrooms with beige wall tiles (to hide any missed cleaning areas and water marks…), brown mosaic floor tiles (hides any left over hairs from previous occupants…).


You have a plot of ground, an object, financial means and are planning something in the hotel/gastronomy trade but don’t want to move in the standard everyday direction. You don’t want to become the 100 000th Inn or 1 000 000th 3star hotel and want to create something new with a little more appeal and atmosphere.

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  • Independent consulting
  • Time-saving order processing by atlas
  • Over 40 years of experience

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